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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​>About us​​​

We are a Mic​rosoft certified partner with vast experience in the design and implementation of SharePoint based s​olutions. Our client base spans across a wide range of industries from pharmaceuticals, medical device and manufacturing to tourism, energy and the public sector. 

Our core ​team​​​

Eoin Consultant

Eoin has been involved in designing and deploying SharePoint based solutions in small to enterprise environments since WSS 2.0. He specialises in translating both business and user requirements into scalable solutions leveraging out-of-the-box functionality and extending the platform with third party add-ons.

Micheál Developer

Micheál is a developer with a comprehensive technical skill-set and a wealth of experience in software architecture, design and implementation. His particular area of expertise is with business process analysis and automation using workflow and custom development on the SharePoint platform.

Michal Developer

Michal has over 15 years of experience as a develope​r and software architect. Michal has designed, developed and deployed solutions in organisations of all sizes using the SharePoint platform and has experience in creating multilingual applications to support users in different geographic locations.

Pawel Developer

Pawel has vast experience with web development and web applications. He has particular experience with the development of mobile apps running on Android and iOS to support enterprise applications such as SharePoint.

Michal Developer

Michal has been involved in software development projects across numerous platforms for many years. He has worked with numerous large companies developing bespoke applications​ and integrating with enterprise systems.

Alex Graphic Designer

Alex is an independant contractor who specialises in graphic design and branding. He takes care of all the graphical elements of our projects and provides advice on user interface design and branding ​best practice.​

Tomasz Developer

Tomasz is a SharePoint enthusiast with comprehensive experience in Microsoft's technologies spectrum. He has particular experience with business data analysis and has worked on numerous projects involving design, back-end and front-end development.


TJ Grumpy Developer

TJ is a SharePoint and everything else guru. His main hobby is knowing stuff. He smiles no more than once every 4 months (we were lucky we only had to wait 5 weeks to take this photo)​​.​​


Anna​ Finance

Anna is responsible for the Finance function at Sintel.​​

Rafal Developer

Rafal is a SharePoint developer.​ He is a technology enthusiast with lots of bright ideas​.

Ola Quality Assurance​​

Ola is responsible for quality and testing. Micheál has challenged Ola to find a bug in his code. We believe time works in her favour...​

Mati Developer

Mati is a SharePoint developer. He is also ​the biggest SharePoint fan in our team. When Mati has a bad day he opens ​Visual Studio and works on a SharePoint project to relax.

Slawek Product Developer

Slawek is a talented software architect who​s main focus is building applications for Office 365​.

You Sharepoint Developer​

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